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Cheetahs are categorized as Vulnerable but are likely to move into the Endangered classification quite soon.

Each has different criteria like population size, geographic range and extinction possibility

The classes are:

Least concern, which means the species are still abundant

Vulnerable: This means there is a large population decrease in the wild and the possibility of extinction within the next 50 years

Endangered: the population decline is over 50%, their habitat is shrinking and they are losing numbers because of different threats, like poaching, lack of space, murdered by humans

A Extremely reduced population that might not be sustainable for breeding and the possibility of extinction in 10 years

Extinct in Wild: Species only left in captivity

Extinct: None of the species living

Cheetahs are endangered as the last census estimated only 7,500 animals left in only 10 percent of their previous geographical selection. This is due to loss of habitat due to the increase of farmlands taking over their areas. New roads, Port St Lucie Animal Removal, new cities, new industry. With the loss of habitat means loss of prey species. So sometimes the cheetahs will take farm livestock, such as cows, goats or cows that are young.

This makes them enemies of several farmers that will shoot them on site. Even although the cheetah may only be passing through these lands. Cheetahs have large home ranges, over 500 to 1500 square kilometers and traveling long distances. However, as they are diurnal and traveling through the morning and evening, farmers are more likely to see the cheetahs. The uninformed farmer will shoot them immediately as a pre-emptive measure.

One method informed farmers are using to protect their livestock is by using guard dogs such as Anatolian Shepherd dogs. These dogs stay with their flock and protect them from attacks by predators. The cheetah then has to revert back to wild prey. However, with the decline in these numbers the cheetah sits with a predicament.

Poaching is a small problem but still a problem. The cheetah is killed for its skin. Although protected and the skins not allowed into many nations these skins are still sold on the black market.

Cheetahs do not do well in protected areas since they can become prey to Lions and Hyenas. Both of these species will kill young animals not able to travel with their mom or take the victim murdered by cheetahs. Thus the cheetahs more than likely use unprotected places and coming into contact with farmers.

1900 Estimate Range and Number: 100,000

2017 Range and Numbers: 7,500

Potential Extinction by 2027?

Are we too late to save an animal that has taken 4 million years to reach its present form. We can blame its decrease on a lot of things but man is finally the problem and the solution.

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